Technological Innovation for Online Learning during the Situation of COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand

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Phraratsutaporn, Lampong Klomkul


Online learning in Thailand during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic is appropriate for current educational management. This learning method has been shown good prevention of COVID-19 pandemic, and it was being a measure to control the situation effectively. The purpose of this academic paper was to propose technological innovation for online learning during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic. Documentary study was used for data collection and data were analyzed and presented by descriptive writing. Results of the study indicated that educational technology has played important role for teaching and instruction during COVID-19 pandemic. Active learning and collaborative activities have been using for the learners to have the opportunity to study from home during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic. Various technological platforms were used for online learning consisted of Google meet, Google Classroom, Google Hangout Meet, Live Streaming, Tencent Live Broadcast, Microsoft teams, and Zoom. These teaching instruments are required and all educational personnel should be able to use with effectively in order to encourage their learners on teaching and instruction. Therefore, technological innovations for online learning are developed for teaching and learning in New Normal not only in Thailand, but also all over the world. Blended learning was also being used and teachers need to adjust how to manage their classroom in online platform and how to moderate or mentor with online learning during the situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

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