Study and Development of Temperature and Humidity Controller for Spreat Culti

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Khongdet Phasinam, Thanwamas Kassanuk


Consumable sprouts are considered as very popular foods because of many benefits and nutrients. Since the sprouts can be easily prepared according to various recipes, the needs of consumers are increased. However, growing the sprouts in open areas is complicated and the sprouts must be closely cared. The production costs are high. Moreover, the factors of the growths of the sprouts (e.g. environment, water quantity, humidity, temperature, pest and climate) cannot be controlled. These affect growing the sprouts. The sprouts should not also be contaminated with germs and viruses from planting materials. Therefore, the purposes of this research study are to study and to develop the temperature and relative humidity control devices for growing the sprouts in order to automatically control the temperature and humidity inside the device. According to the experimental results, it was found that the appropriate temperatures were 26 - 30 degree Celsius. The suitable humidities were 90 - 95% RH. The device consisted of the seven components as follows: 1) the control system, 2) the temperature and relative humidity sensors, 3) the ultrasonic humidifier, 4) the water container, 5) the fan for increasing the humidity, 6) the fan for decreasing the humidity and 7) the sprouting shelves. By comparing the experimental results with that of general planting methods, the growing time was reduced for 37%. The used water quantity was lowered for 50 times. The sprouts could grow equally. The temperatures and humidities could be controlled as required by the sprouts.

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