The Importance of The Attractions for Historical, Cultural and Natural Resources U-thong District, Suphanburi Province

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Wittaya Wisutruangdat


The purpose of this research was to study the importance of attractions for historical, cultural and natural resources U-thong district, Suphanburi Province. The population of the study consisted of experts and people involved with the attractions. Qualitative method was designed. Qualitative data was collected from 12 key informants and was analyzed by using content analysis. Results indicated that U-thong district had many attractions and can be divided into 3 groups as follows. 1) The historical tourism has been shown 3 sites in 2 sub-districts: 1.1) U-thong had Wat Khan ThamThiam, Wat Khao Phra Si Sanphetchayaram and U-thong National Museum. 1.2) Chorakae Sam Phan had Wat Khao ThamSua. 2) The cultural tourism has been shown 4 sites in 3 sub-districts. 2.1) U-thong has had Chao pho phrayachak shrine and Ban Khok. 2.2) Don Makuek had Ban Don Makuek weaving group. 2.3) Ban Don had an ancient black tai cultural restoration center. 3) Natural Resource Tourism has been shown 3 sites in 2 sub-districts. 3.1) U-thong has had Phu Hang Nak rock park and Phu Muang forest park. 3.2) Phapphachai had agricultural extension and development center. The suggestions of this study were 1) there should be more publicity for tourist attractions in U-thong district, and 2 coordinate various departments in supporting tourism in U-thong district.

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