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The objectives of this study were to explore Thai EFL teachers‟ beliefs and their reported practices vis-à-vis English pronunciation instruction, and their perceived challenges when teaching pronunciation. The participants of this study were 60 Thai EFL teachers who taught English to sixth-grade students inpublic elementary schools in Thailand. The results revealed that the teachers believed that pronunciation instruction was a pivotal part of their English language teaching and learning. In practice, pronunciation was taught implicitly based on the intuitive-imitative approach. Their instruction focused on segmentals and was greatly dominated by the nativelikeness paradigm. However, pronunciation was still marginalized compared to other English skills, owning to achievement tests, absence of a coherent curriculum, time limitations, and teacher shortages. Findingsfrom this study are important for informing the professional development of Thai English teachers and the development of teacher education, as well as curriculum design.</p> Phurichaya Songyai, Kasma Suwanarak Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-06 2022-01-06 59 1 1 16 How come Self-Regulated Learning Overcome Speaking Anxiety Arabic Student? <p>This article explores learning experiences and Arabic speaking anxiety by Arabic Students at Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University. This study aimed to map the SRL strategy used by Arabic students to overcome speaking anxiety. The method used is qualitative research with ten interview participants from final year students selected purposively and volunteering. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed thematically. The results showed that they used fourteen strategies which were categorized into five main strategies: 1) Cognitive, including notes-taking, speaking practice, collecting vocabulary, listening, and memorizing; 2) Metacognitive, including preparation, monitoring, and evaluation; 3) Affective, including relaxation and suggestion; 4) Motivation, including environment, watching videos and taking training; and 5) Social, seek-peers. Cognitive, affective, and social deal with physical problems. In contrast, metacognitive is used to maintain rhythmic cognitive strategy, and motivation is applied outside speaking tasks.</p> Qurrotul A'yuni , Zakiyah Arifa Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-05 2022-01-05 59 1 17 32 Factors Affecting Pakistani Women Doctors’ Decisions of Career Pursuance: A Study of Women doctors in Sialkot <p>Pakistan is a country where women from all fields face cultural and stereotypical barriers and<br>workplace barriers in career continuation. The affecting factors for women doctors in career<br>pursuance are complex and partly interface family background, career selection decision, and<br>career pursuance problems. Many factors influence career pursuance decisions including<br>personal reasons, managing household and professional responsibilities, cultural and<br>stereotypical barriers and workplace barriers. The study is done in Pakistan, where the<br>unforgivable dogmas make it harder for women to achieve success in their professional lives.<br>The study provides solution to the problems that are explained in detail. This study is<br>quantitative. A stratified technique using quantitative methodology was adopted. In our study,<br>the sample size is based on 150 women doctors aged 25 t0 50 years. SPSS 25 version is used to<br>analyze the data. Descriptive statistics and frequency distribution is used to analyze the data. The<br>results of simple linear regression were significant and P value is less than .05 at 95% confidence<br>interval. The research tracks down the core of the problem and comes up with a practical<br>solution. The measures to end men’s overwhelming dominance in job are awareness,<br>liberalization of society, freedom and education and implementing laws against harassment. The<br>socio-economic aid and cultural freedom will empower women to get an education without<br>hurdles and obstacles. Cultural freedom doesn't mean that women auction her respect and honor.<br>Still, it means that the traditional norms, which resist someone from studying higher, should be<br>reformed as friendly policies for women in education.</p> Faiza Ashraf, Dr Ambreen Salahuddin, Farooq e Azam Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-07 2022-01-07 59 1 33 37 The 5th Grade Students'Mathematical Problems SolvingSkills and its Relationship with their Social Skills <p>The current research aimed at recognizing the level of 5th Grade Students' Mathematical<br>Problems Solving Skills, Social Skills, and its Relationship between them. The research used<br>the correlative descriptive approach, which is concerned with revealing the relationship<br>between two or more variables to find out the correlation between these variables. The<br>sample of the current research consisted of (58) 5th Grade Students from El-Damam, kingdom<br>of Saudi Arabia,the research based on two tests to collect data: a test of mathematical<br>problem-solving skills, and a situations test of social skills. The results of the research<br>revealed that the learners’ level of mathematical problem-solving skills in general and in all<br>the sub-skills was medium, except the level of understanding and analyzing the problem<br>skillwas high, The learners’level of social skills as a whole and all the sub-social skills was<br>also medium, , as well as the research found that there is a positive statistically significant<br>relationship at the level (0.01) between the learners’ mathematical problem-solving skills and<br>their social skills. The research also found statistically significant differences in mathematical<br>problem-solving skills of learners with high social skills, and learners with low social skills<br>favoring those with high social skills. Recommendations and suggestions for further research<br>were also presented.</p> Nasser Helmy Youssef Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 38 72 EFFECT OF BRAIN TRAIN GAMES: ACQUISITION OF THE ATTENTION AND VISUOSPATIALSKILLS OF SLOW LEARNERS <p>The Investigator projected the main Objective of this experimental research as the effect of Brain Train Games on acquisition of the Attention and Visuospatial Skills of Slow Learners. This study was carried out with regard to the level of Intelligence, the intelligence test developed by JC Raven and medical examination were administered among 24 Slow Learners studying standard 9<sup>th</sup>. The Research design consists of three phases namely selection of sample, Brain Train Gamesvalidation and construction of achievement test, Experimentation. The investigator has employed pre-test – post-test Single Group design. The experimenter introduced the treatment with the Brain Train Games.Data were analysed using descriptive statistics and t-test. The results revealed that the average achievement scores after receiving the treatment on Brain Train Gameswere statistically and significantly high.The mean score of post-test (72.21) is greater than the mean score of the pre-test (42.92) of the Attention Skill. The mean score of post-test (65.46) is greater than the mean score of the pre-test (48.58) of the Visuospatial Skill of the Upper Primary Slow Learners. The Retention test also revealed that this experiment has brought desirable changes among Slow Learners. The School Administrators and teachers can use this treatment as guidance to develop cognitive skills of the slow learners.</p> LOURDU MARY.A, Dr. G. REXLIN JOSE Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 73 90 Impact of Covid-19 on organizational climate and Academic Achievement of Hr. Sec. School Students <p>The gift study entitled “A Comparative have a look at of academic overall performance and socio-monetary repute, anxiety, take a look at habits and attitudes in high school and intermediate students” changed into conducted in Bahraich district. A sample of one hundred faculty going students from 3 colleges with high school and intermediate lessons (50 college students from each elegance) have been protected inside the observe. A standardized tool used the General Anxiety Scale for Children and for socio-monetary profile, instructional overall performance, take a look at behavior and attitudes, anthropometric measurements questionnaire used to elicit statistics. The information accrued turned into analyzed and it became discovered that majority of kids belonged to widespread class (forty nine%), observed through OBC (38%) and (thirteen%) SC/ST. The kids have been from nuclear own family (sixty seven%), joint family (33%), with family length is 3 to four participants (59%), 5 to 8 participants and nine to twelve participants (15%). Majority of fathers were knowledgeable up to graduate (46%), father’s profession become commercial enterprise (%) and mom (39%) had been also educated as much as commencement but majority of mothers have been housewife (sixty two%). Academic performance of the students the grades acquired magnificence smart it was discovered that more students of intermediate scored seventy one-80% marks (A grade) than the high school kids, High faculty students and intermediate students who were given marks sixty one-70% (B+ Grade) was 30 and 47 in quantity. The tension degree among intermediate college students (30%) become very excessive whereas excessive school has common anxiety (forty two%). It was determined that the suggest top of excessive school turned into 157.1cm , mean weight changed into 50.4 kg and suggest BMI of 20.Four and among intermediate students the mean top became 164.7 cm, imply weight 57 kg and imply BMI 21.The BMI of ninety five per cent students have been regular and most effective two according to cent who was overweight. Attitude closer to schooling the scholars who felt that training turned into about bookish know-how and a waste of time and electricity. The excessive school students addiction of taking frequent breaks even as reading (eighty four%) and Study in quiet peaceful ecosystem while intermediate students choose classical tune without lyrics to be played while observe (rank I) with suggest rating is 0.92 (92%), have a look at in quiet peaceful surroundings.</p> Mrs. S.Jeyamary, Dr.K.R.Selvakumar Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 91 101 IMPACT OF KEY DETERMINANTS ON THE INCORRECT ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS <p>Incorrect English Pronunciation of High School Students in Eight High Schools in Kanyakumari district. The objectives of the study were,to find out whether there exists any significant difference in the mean scores of Pronunciation skills of High School Students with regard to their gender, locality, Schools, Parents Education, Habit of Listening to English News or Talks, Habit of Reading Newspapers or Books, Habit of Speaking in English, the Knowledge of Phonetics, Learning Pronunciation through Mass Media, through social media,the home language and the learning process in L2.Normative Survey Method was used to select the sample. The sample for the study consisted of 600 students, in Eight Different High Schools in Kanyakumari District. Survey method was adopted for the present study. Stratified Random Sampling technique was used to select the sample. The findings revealed that majority of the high school students seem to have problems in pronouncing the language, It was also found that there exists significant difference between Masculine and Feminine, Rural and Urban, Government and Aided, Parents Education, Habit of Listening to English News or Talks, Habit of Reading Newspapers or Books, Habit of Speaking in English, the Knowledge of Phonetics, Learning Pronunciation through Mass Media,&nbsp; through Social Media ,the home language and the learning process in L2 of High School Students in their Incorrect Pronunciation Skills.</p> Princy Star, Rexlin Jose Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 102 119 Effectiveness of E-Learning Module in Learning English Language Skills among Secondary Student Teachers: A Study with certain Select Variables <p>This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of e-learning module in learning English language skills - listening, speaking, reading, writing with regard to certain select variables such as marital status and participation in online classes. A sample size of 50 secondary student teachers were selected by the investigator as the sample of the study. The investigator has adopted the experimental method with Pre-test Post-test Equivalent Group Design.E- Learning module to teach the four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in English was developed by the investigator and then analysis of data was done using Mean and t-test.Theresults of the study reveals that there is significant difference in the post test scores between the control and experimental groups with regard to married students.Also there is significant difference found in the post test scores between the control and experimental groups with regard to secondary student teachers participating in online classes.</p> S.Lenin, DrA.Veliappan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 120 127 Pedagogical Influence on the Exam Phobia of Plus Two Students <p>Pedagogy is the art of teaching. It is important to understand how learning occurs. A teacher cannot just stand in front of the students of any classroom relaying on their knowledge expecting students to listen, understand and leave the lesson filled with knowledge. Pupils need to construct their own understanding with teachers using various teaching methods to engage pupils to enable pupils to access the very best learning in order to shape their own intellectual journey.&nbsp;Teachers being good role models should precede classes because their views on life and behavior guide the student.(i)The major objective of the study was to find out the level of Pedagogical influence of exam phobia of plus two students.(ii)To find out the significant difference in the pedagogical knowledge of Plus two Students with regard to the back ground variables such as gender, locality, and type of school, parental educational qualification and type of parents. (iii)There is a significant relationship between the Pedagogical Influence and Exam phobia of Plus Two Students. The investigator has employed the survey method for this study. The investigators selected the questionnaire as the tool for data collectionin this study. In this study the students studying in higher secondary level at various government and Aided school in Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu, were taken as the population for the study. For this study, a sample of 1000 students were selected using randam sampling technique. The findings of the study are: the Percentage level of Pedagogical Influence Exam phobia is average.(i) There is a significant influence between the Pedagogical Influence based on gender, locality, type of school,and type of parents with regard to Exam Phobia of plus two students.(ii)That there is no significant difference in the Pedagogical Influence on the Exam Phobia of Plus Two Students based on Parental Educational qualification.(iii)the correlation between Pedagogical Influence and Exam Phobia, was statistically significant, r (0.471), N=1000, p = 0.000(p&lt;0.01).</p> Josephin Bella, Dr G. Rexlin Jose Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 128 137 Effect of Psycho-education on Creating Awareness of Child Abuse <p>Child abuse can lead to long-lasting, even life-long, consequences and is a severe problem on a person, family and community level.Parenting is the most vital goal of child abuse prevention.In the present study, the investigators attempted to find out the effectiveness of Psycho-Education for the parents of early adolescents on awareness of child abuse. Experimental method was adopted and single group pretest posttest design selected for the present study. The sample consisted of 47 parents of early adolescent Students studying in selected school at Kanyakumari district. The investigator prepared a psycho-education module for the study and gave treatment for selected parents of early adolescents. For collection of data, conducted pretest and post test for early adolescents. The questions were constructed and validated bythe investigator and guide. The investigator used mean, standard deviation,t-testforanalyze the data. The findings of the study revealed that there is significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of psycho-education for the early adolescents on awareness of child abuse.</p> J. Jaba Singh, Dr G. Rexlin Jose Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 138 149 Scientific Attitude – An Overview <p>Science has become a vital part of our daily lives, and the scientific environment and its applications have affected modern society. The importance of science education is becoming increasingly recognized in the current setting of the science and technology revolution. In fact, student accomplishment in science has become one of the most important quality indicators. Our way of thinking, attitudes, hobbies, and outlook, among other things, have all shifted dramatically. One of the most important outcomes of science is the development of a scientific attitude. This paper explains about scientific attitude, its traits, components and ways to improve scientific attitude and research studies revealed about the importance of scientific attitude. A scientific mindset is a logical, reasoned manner of thinking that is free of bias or disruption. It's crucial because irrational thinking can lead to troubles in our lives. As a result, we must think wisely. Science instructs us on how to think properly. Teachers in today's world are seen as the primary educators responsible for preparing students to attain their goals and ambitions. Knowledge of numerous operational dimensions of scientific attitude may assist a science teacher to determine inclination of science students toward various scientific endeavors</p> Dr. S. R. Sundaravalli, G. Kokila Selva Kumari Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-08 2022-01-08 59 1 150 158 A Fruitful Leadership of Raymond and Mariella Provost <p>A leader is someone who possesses the necessary qualities to both attract loyal followers and to give<br>them direction in life. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan are often cited as examples of leaders<br>who not only were great politicians and military strategists but were also responsible for destruction<br>which cost many people their lives. While their leadership deserves recognition in political and<br>military spheres, a closer look at their spiritual leadership shows it to be problematic. A true leader in<br>the spiritual sense is one who protects the lives of his or her followers with peace and reconciliation,<br>not destruction. This paper intends to showcase a true leader, by studying Raymond and Mariella<br>Provost, a 20th-century missionary couple to South Korea.</p> Moo-jin Jeong, Jun-ki Chung Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-10 2022-01-10 59 1 159 167 Effectiveness of Work-Life Balance on Lecturer’s Productivity of Higher Education During Covid-19 <p>The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound and transformative impact on the entire education system, necessitating an urgent need to adapt it to the online environment. Lecturers are greatly affected in the learning process and conducting research, and as a result, lecturers are required to make extra efforts to build a virtual learning environment that is accessible to all students. This study provides a systematic analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on the harmonization process between individual lives, organizational life, and lecturers' social lives during the COVID-19 pandemic which affects the productivity process of lecturers. This study was provided to<br>determine the effect of work-life balance on lecturers’ productivity during the current COVID-19 pandemic.The research sample was 108 of 148 samples chosen randomly using the Slovin formula. The results showed that work-life balance had a positive and significant effect on the lecturers’ productivity. Then the result shows that work-life balance affects lecturers' productivity.</p> Dade Nurfalah, Moh. Supendi, Nurdelima Waruwu,Ahmad Kultur Hia,Lidya Natalia Sartono Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-12 2022-01-12 59 1 168 175 Determinants of Voting Behavior in Pakistan: A Theoretical Perspective <p>To achieve democratic consequences of voting, the researchers have put serious concerns on<br>what motivates people to vote and whom to vote. This article builds on theoretical grounds of<br>voting behaviors, which explain sociological, psychological and rational choice determinants of<br>voting behaviors,articulating both theory and previous literature. It encompasses high quality<br>distinct but connected researches to support the theories. The scholars throughout the world are<br>attempting to investigate the voting determinants in different political setups.Given the revival of<br>democracy, last three decades have been very important in the political history of Pakistan. The<br>purpose of this paper is to investigate sociological, psychological and rational choice<br>determinants of voting behaviors in a typical Pakistani voterbased on empirical studies. The<br>article concludes that a typical Pakistani voter is influenced by,more or less, all above-mentioned<br>determinants.</p> Fakhta Zeib,Muhammad Hassaan Zubair,Kashaf Abdul Razaq Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-17 2022-01-17 59 1 176 191 Develop A PLE Based on Gamification in The Development of Educational Infographic Skills and Visual Thinking <p>The current research aims to develop a personal learning environment based on Gamification, to develop infographic design and visual thinking skills. The descriptive curriculum was used to prepare the theoretical framework and tools, and the experimental method of conducting the field experiment, the research sample consisted of (50) female students in the Faculty of Education at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University who were divided into two controlled and experimental groups of (25) students per group, who studied the experimental group using a gamification-based personal learning environment, while the group controlled by blackboard learning management system studied. The following research tools (collectible test - note card, Product evaluation card, visual thinking test) were applied Pre-test and post-test, the results of the research achieved the superiority of the experimental group, and the effect of Gamification's use in developing infographic design and visual thinking skills .</p> Ghada Mawad Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-18 2022-01-18 59 1 192 208 THE INFLUENCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPOWERMENT ON OVERALL JOB SATISFACTION OF TEACHERS <p>The researchers have discussed the main variables of the research in the introduction part that<br>include: employee empowerment and job satisfaction. The importance of the teachers has also<br>been elaborated. The literature review contains an extensive look into the concepts of employee<br>empowerment, employee psychological empowerment, benefits of empowerment and job<br>satisfaction. Past studies were looked into in order to substantiate the current study. Extensive<br>research in to the past studies helped the researchers to understand the concepts clearly before<br>starting off with the research. With the help of the literature review and the base paper (See<br>Annexure ‘B’), the researchers were able to come up with the hypothesis and the research<br>framework. The questionnaires were also taken from the base paper. Results were concluded by<br>the researchers using the SPSS software. The reliability of the survey tool (questionnaires) was<br>also tested. With the help of independent t-test, ANOVA test, regression and Pearson’s<br>correlation, the researchers were able to test the hypothesis. In the end, a thorough analysis of the<br>results was provided and a discussion was conducted followed by the conclusion of the study.</p> Riaz Husssain,Syed Azhar Hussain Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-21 2022-01-21 59 1 209 223 PROJECT PLANNING IMPACT ON PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY: A CASE STUDY OF PAKISTAN TELECOMM SECTOR <p>The purpose of this research paper is to assess the planning process and their role in the<br>sustainable development. This technical paper presents the planning process in telecom sector<br>of Pakistan. The paper is based on content analysis. Besides this, practices and experiences of<br>the professionals were accumulated followed by the human audit. The study proclaimed that<br>telecom sector in Pakistan is contributing to the social, emotional, environmental, and<br>economic development. However, there is a dire need for delivery of value and sustained<br>development. Community liaison centers need to be developed the active feedback for the<br>balanced development. This short study presents unique perspective for the sustained<br>development of the telecom sector. Moreover, the study also recommended to adopt<br>agile/adoptive approach for sustained development. Furthermore, the study also proclaimed to<br>involve internal and external stakeholder in the planning process, as inclusive planning remains<br>more proactive and contribute more to the sustained development.</p> Syed Azhar Hussain, Riaz Husssain Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-21 2022-01-21 59 1 224 230 Social Networks and Its Effects on The Learning of Vietnamese Students Today <p>In today's explosive era of information technology and the Internet, social networks<br>are penetrating profoundly and substantially impacting students' learning<br>activities.Social networks have become a valuable means for young people to build,<br>maintain and develop social contacts, thereby expanding the network of social<br>relationships. Participation in social networks has helped young people express their<br>attitudes, views, and behaviors; orientation of self-values in many areas of life, from<br>work, study, and entertainment. Besides the positive aspects, participating in social<br>networks also causes many adverse effects. This article analyzes the current situation<br>of using social networks for learning activities, and the results show that social<br>networks need more caution to balance learning and other fields in life.</p> Vo Ngoc Hien Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-21 2022-01-21 59 1 231 238 Romantic Relationship status and Sociablity as Predictors of Academic Achievement among Hawassa University Students <p>Objectives:This study aimed to investigate the level at which romantic relationship status will<br>predict academic achievement among undergraduate students, to understand the influence of<br>sociability on academic achievement among undergraduate students and to investigate the<br>level at which having reading friends could predict academic achievement among<br>undergraduate students<br>Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in selected 8 Departments from 4 Faculties<br>at Hawassa University, Ethiopia. A total of 180 participants were involved in the study<br>comprising of 90 males and 90 females. A validated semi-structured questionnaire was used<br>to investigated romantic relationship and sociability while academic achievement was based<br>on students’ CGPAs. Descriptive chi-square, ANOVA and t-test were used to analyzed data<br>for independent samples.<br>Results:The results of this study depicts that romantic relationship has no significant<br>influence on academic achievement (F=0.621, df=198, p&gt;.05) while sociability has a<br>negative influence on academic achievement (t=1.046, df=129, p&lt;.05). Having<br>reading/interacting friends have a significant relationship with academic achievement<br>(x2=14.830, p&lt;.05).<br>Conclusion: The study made an important contribution to the body of knowledge on<br>romantic relationship and sociability as predictors of academic achievement.</p> Workalemahu Assefa, Metasebya Gonta Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-21 2022-01-21 59 1 239 254 ASSESSING THE ROLE OF UAE LEGISLATION IN COVERING NUCLEAR DAMAGES (COMPARATIVE STUDY) <p>The use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes results in serious harm to human beings in their right to life, the safety of their body and the environment in which they live, so the international community has sought to conclude agreements governing those peaceful uses and establishing rules to compensate for their damages, and the United Arab Emirates has recognized the importance of the use of nuclear energy in electricity generation as one of the pillars of sustainable development, and has recognized the importance of passing legislation establishing the rules for compensation for damages for such uses, however. These rules did not guarantee that the injured would receive full compensation in all cases.</p> Dr.Qusay Salman Hilal Al Falahi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-23 2022-01-23 59 1 255 269 The Role of Zakat in National Economic Transformation through Regional Economic Growth in South Sulawesi Province <p>This study aims to determine the contribution of Zakat to economic growth in South Sulawesi Province. The economy of South Sulawesi in the second quarter grew significantly by 7.66 percent, higher than the first quarter of 2021 which recorded a contraction of 0.21 percent. The economic recovery was mainly supported by domestic consumption, which rebounded in line with the increasing mobility of the people. The regional income of South Sulawesi Province was IDR 4.19 trillion, dominated by transfer income. Regional revenue and expenditure budget expenditures were realized at IDR 3.44 trillion in the second quarter of 2021 (31.28% of the 2021 ceiling). Lower than the second quarter of<br>2020 which reached 41.39%? Most of the budget absorption was realized for operational expenditures (58.79% share) and capital expenditures (25.34%). The business sector, transportation, warehousing, trade, and construction are the main contributors to economic improvement in South Sulawesi Province, which experienced growth during the national economic recovery period of 73.95 percent.</p> A. Arifuddin Mane, Ahmad Jumarding, Abdul Karim Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-23 2022-01-23 59 1 270 283 Importance of English Language Knowledge in Technical Writing: A Quantitative Investigation <p>Technical writing has been acknowledged as a significant asset of the discipline of English. In<br>recent years, the interest in Scientific and Technical Writing (STW) is developing, and<br>globalization has altogether changed how English is educated in schools &amp; colleges. The<br>improvement of technology and innovation has affected corporate administrators and researchers<br>as well as the young graduates who pick technology and innovation as their specializations.<br>Industries request new alumni to have specialized composing abilities to be utilized. In this way,<br>technical composing skills in each association can't be underrated. As result, this study<br>investigate technical composing ability needs apparent by Iraqi understudies as far as<br>information, abilities, and perspectives towards specialized writing in English. It also attempts to<br>check how much can mindfulness in English language assist the Iraqi students with bettering up<br>their technical abilities. Thus, they need to comprehend the contrasts and likenesses between<br>their way of life and the designated language culture that is English.</p> Amjed Bashar Copyright (c) 2022 2022-01-24 2022-01-24 59 1 284 291