Published: 2020-08-31

A Comparison Study of Chinese and Indonesia EFL Teachers Well-Being

Wu Yong, Fonny Dameaty Hutagalung, Riyan Hidayat, Hutkemri Zulnaidi

233 - 238

Latin American Scientific Production on Educational Technology in Scopus, 2010-2019

Ronald M. Hernández, Juan José Flores-Cueto, Rafael Garay-Argandońa, Renzo Felipe Carranza Esteban, Oscar Mamani- Benito, Josué Edison Turpo Chaparro, Michael White

239 - 244

An Examination of a Work-Life Conflict Model in Higher Education

Leslie Ramos Salazar, Elsa Diego-Medrano

245 - 252

Analysis of Motivational Factors Affecting English Communicative Competence in Higher Education Students From A Colombian University

Diana Katherine Gonzalez, Ángela Patricia Arteaga, Alfonso Arce Ramírez, Erika Díaz Rincón

253 - 260

An Assessment of the Climatic Characteristics and Their Impact on the Traffic Accidents in the City of Ramadi.

Dr. Mohanad abed Hammad ,Dr. Ammeer Mohammed Khalaf, Abd Ul RAzzaq Mohammed Jabbar


The Level of Teachers’ Training Programs in Qasabt Irbid, Between Local Experiences and Contemporary Trends from Their Point of View

Dr. Carmel Wahby Wahby, Palestine, Dr. Hanadi Sodqi Alrashdan, Jordan, Dr. Sawsan Yousef Karra, Palestine

446 - 464