High Quality Human Resources Development to Satisfied the Globalization in Vietnam: Defiances and Solutions

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Nguyen Minh Tri, Pham Thi Thuy


Human resources, especially high quality human resources play an important role in development of the economy and the society. In a globalization circumstance with a strongly development of “Industries 4.0”, Vietnamese government was focusing in building a highly qualified human resources to satisfy the need of development and globalizations; in which, concentrating human resources for industries with high technology content and added value, improving training quality to meet labor market requirements at home and abroad. However, over the past years, Vietnam has faced great challenges, high-quality human resources have not met the requirements of socio-economic development in the current international integration process. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system of solutions deployed synchronously in order to develop more high-quality human resources to meet the development requirements of Vietnam in the international integration process.

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