The Counseling Needs of Girls about to Get Married: A Qualitative Study of Taal of Association in Unayzah

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Reem Ibrahim Alhussain, Ahmad Bin Abdullah Al-Ajlan


This study aimed at identifying the cognitive and skills needs of young women getting married by monitoring the reality in the rehabilitation program of young women getting married. This study adopted the qualitative approach, which focuses on studying the phenomena, the individuals, communities, and institutions in various fields and describing them to reach a deeper understanding. The study used two methods to collect data and information from the research sample. The Focus group tool, which was used with a purposive sample of (21) young women getting married and who attended the qualification program of young women getting married. The other tool was interviews with the trainers. The researcher had individual interviews with all the seven trainers. The results of this study revealed that the most important knowledge according to trainers is the psychological knowledge and the medical knowledge. The results showed also that the most important skills required in this program from the trainer’s point of view were house management, grooming and personal care, and emotion control. The most important knowledge that has gained the favor of young women getting married in this program are psychological and medical knowledge. The most significant skills that young women getting married need are: the skill if dealing with the husband, the skill of emotion control, the skill of emotions management, the skill of planning, and the skill of problem solving. The study recommended using the rehabilitation programs with couples getting married and making such programs as a condition of the marriage contract. The study also recommended establishing a department in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, which supervises the providers of pre-marriage counseling courses.

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