Developing and improving Competences of Educators/Teaching Staffs of Indonesian National Police School (Sekolah Polisi Negara/Spn)

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Antonius Kadarmanta, Mahmudin Yasin, Nurhattati Fuad


The purpose of this research is to discuss and analyze the root of the problems of the low competences of teaching staffs at Indonesian National Police School (SPN) and the factors that may contribute to it which include: recruitment and selection systems, placement, competency improvement program, and reward system. This research is a qualitative approach with a case study. The research addresses interviews and discussions with SPN educators, education experts from Police of Republic of Indonesia (POLRI), academic education experts human resource management experts from academia, and police officers who graduated from SPN. Data collection methods include: interviews, focus group discussion (FGD), observation, related documents studies, and review of previous research. The results of this study indicate that low competences of SPN teachers is rooted from the absence of a competency-based recruitment system. POLRI career development system does not yet include and regulate career development of SPN teachers as part of police career development. This research recommends and proposes a competency-based SPN teaching career development system and a SPN teaching competences improvement system, as a contribution to POLRI human resource management system as a whole.

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