The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Community Development. A Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

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Sami Hakami


Social entrepreneurship is taking shape in Saudi Arabia. The country, like most of the entire Middle East, is famous for socially innovative approaches. Saudi Arabia much supports its social norms through a conservative culture. However, the emergence of social issues grants the urge to bring more opportunities to the community. Saudi Arabia boasts immense opportunities in entrepreneurship. In 2019, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor acknowledged good options to start businesses in the country. About 76.3 percent of the population foresaw an excellent climate for business encounters. Youth unemployment in the country remains one of the challenges despite the rapid changes over the years. It is one of the significant challenges meant to be solved through social entrepreneurship. People from diverse social backgrounds remain ambitious through the government’s 2030 initiative. Social entrepreneurship is mainly persuaded through vision 2030’s pillars; an ambitious nation, a thriving economy, and a vibrant society. A flourishing economy best fits Saudi’s vision, enhancing a wide array of social opportunities through entrepreneurship. The paper addresses the role of social entrepreneurship and community development in Saudi Arabia. There is a literature review focusing on social entrepreneurship theories aiding in the appropriate determination of the current practices in Saudi Arabia. The current status of social entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is also discussed.

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