The Social and psychological impact of Covid-19 on the university students, a case study: University of Blida 2

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Amel Beichi, Osman Ahmed, Tchalabi Sakina


The study examines the social and psychological impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on university students in a number of variables related to daily activities, family relations, university student relations and psychological health. The study aimed to find out the effect of closure during the spread of COVID -19 on the psychological and social aspects of university students. The study was conducted from 1-26 November and a questionnaire was developed that was completed online using the Google Forms platform in order to reach the largest possible number of students. A random sample of students from the University of Blida 2 in Algeria was selected in the Faculties of Humanities and Economics, taking into account homogeneity. And the disparity in the university community. The sample size was 132 students.

The most important results of the study can be summed up in that there are no significant differences in the social and psychological impact of COVID -19 on students who were infected with the virus and who were not infected with regard to variables of daily activity and university relations, but we find that the closure has affected family relations and the mental health of people with Corona virus.

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