Cultural Intelligence Prediction of School Adjustment Among Syrian Refugee Students in Jordan

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Abdelnaser Al-Jarrah, Faisal Khalil Alrabee


The study aimed was to detect the differences in the levels of school adjustment and cultural intelligence according to the gender and academic achievement. In addition to detect the predictive ability of cultural intelligence in the school adjustment of Syrian refugee students in Jordanian schools. The samples of the study consist of 80 students from 10th grade, 38 males and 42 females. Dehny (2010) scale was used for school adjustment, and Yordonova (2011) scale for cultural intelligence.The results showed that the level of school adjustment among Syrian refugee students was moderate, and males were more adaptable than females, additionally, there were no differences in school adjustment due to the achievement. The results also showed that the level of cultural intelligence was moderate on all dimensions. Metacognitive cultural intelligence came in the first order, followed by the motivational cultural intelligence, then the behavioral cultural intelligence, and finally the cognitive cultural intelligence. It also showed male superiority in cognitive cultural intelligence, metacognitive cultural intelligence, and motivational cultural intelligence dimensions. And it showed that the cognitive cultural intelligence and metacognitive cultural intelligence of students with high achievement is higher than among those with low achievement. The results also showed that the dimensions of cultural intelligence explained (18.1%) of the variation in school adjustment

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