More Than a Game: The Use of Intergroup Monopoly as a Pedagogical Tool

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Charlie Law, Kenzie Hurley, Emily Ready, Leilani Goodmon


The purpose of this study was to determine pedagogical value of using games in teaching students about the importance of gender inequity and the importance of Affirmative Action. Participants (N = 149) were assigned to one of two experimental groups. Students in the game-play group played a version of Intergroup Monopoly (which highlights gender inequity and the importance of Affirmative Action), while students in the PowerPoint group read a traditional lecture on the history and purpose of Affirmative Action. Results from the pretest and posttest indicate that students in the game-play group were more likely to indicate they understand the importance of Affirmative Action, the experiences of women, and male privilege than those in the PowerPoint group. These findings extend previous research by demonstrating the importance of using game-play as pedagogical tool for increasing perceived understanding about sexism and the need for Affirmative Action.

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