The Intervention of Physical Games in Teaching English Grammar to Secondary School Students: A Review with Special Reference to the Secondary School Pupil in Puducherry, India.

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Smrutisikta Mishra, Jeyasakthi V., Velmurugan K.


Language is the primary means of human communication and Grammar is a significant feature of it to be excelled with. The teaching of English Grammar has evolved through phases from Grammar Translation Method to Computer Assisted Language Learning and deductive and inductive methods. Though English teachers attempt various methods to teach grammar, children tend to play rather than sit tight in class.Thus, there are considerable recent studies involving various indoor and outdoor games to teach English Grammar effectively. This current paper aims to bring to light the importance and efficacy of involving physical games to teach grammar to secondary school children. Games make children physically active and mentally alert. Things learned through games are unconsciouslycaptured and never forgotten. This paper focuses on the advantages of involving physical games to teach grammar to highly active teenagers and track their gradual increase in optimism towards learning a second language.

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