The Leadership and Motivation on Inpatient Compliance in Preventing the Risk of Patients Falling

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M. Arifki Zainaro et al.


The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between leadership and motivation in compliance with inpatient nurses in preventing the risk of falling in patients at X1 Hospital Bandar Lampung in 2020. Pre-survey data on nurses in receiving newly hospitalized patients at a hospital in Bandar Lampung Indonesia in December 2019 found several cases concerning nurses’ tasks: did not lower the patients' beds, did not label the patients with the triangles, did not carry out Morse Fall Scale score (MFS) assessments, did not give patients' wristbands the risk of falling, did not install fences of the bed. So far, there has been no incidence of falling patients, however, if there is no effort of preventing, there is a risk of falling patients. This study was a quantitative design and used an analytical cross-sectional approach. The population was of all inpatient nurses at a hospital in Bandar Lampung. The samples in this study were all inpatient nurses totaling 97 nurses. This study used a total sampling technique.The author concludes that 1) the leadership given is not good, 2) motivation is on a moderate scale, 3) the nurse is in the non-obedient category, 4) there is a leadership relationship with inpatient nurse compliance in preventing the risk of falling in patients, and 5) there is a relationship motivation with inpatient nurse compliance in preventing the risk of falling in patients.This article provides new insights regarding the management of fall patients in the context of healthcare practice in Indonesia

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