Review of the methods and techniques of exploring schools with intellectual talent: the experience of Cuba and Peru

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Ronald M. Hernández, Karel Llopiz-Guerra, Marieta Alvarez Insua, Doris Elida Fuster-Guillén, Sandy Dorian Isla Alcoser, Ana María Vílchez Huerto, Francis Díaz-Flores


The detection, care and follow-up of children with a high intelligence or talent quotient are societies most valuable resource. It is based on the systematization that is carried out in the theoretical order about school children with specifically intellectual talents, which is one of the most suggestive approaches based on the study of their potentialities and special educational needs. This research has as its essential purpose to approach a systematization of the main contributions and comparative studies from different contexts and historical moments, highlighting those provided by Cuban and Peruvian scholars in relation to the methods and techniques used for the detection of schoolchildren with high intellectual capacities.

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