New Technology of Cotton Sowing

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Kamaridin Urinovich Komilov, Aypara Djoldasova Kurbanova, Gafurjan Israilovich Muhamedov


The possibility of using bulk waste of the chemical industry - phosphogypsum as a useful resource is considered. The results of scientific research and practical experience convincingly proved the technical feasibility and feasibility of using phosphogypsum in the national economy instead of traditional types of natural raw materials. A brief description of phosphogypsum, promising areas for its processing, and some statistics are presented.

The article is about the use of chemical ameliorant based on phosphogypsum for effective feedingin various soil and climatic zones for cereals, vegetables, industrial and other crops, to increase the yield of cotton and the technological quality of its fiber. That the use of phosphogypsum as a chemical ameliorant improves the chemical, physical and water-physical properties of saline soils.

The article describes a new technology of cotton sowing in the conditions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The technology of soil treatment and methods of measuring for preventing crust formation are analyzed. The used mechanisms, units and are justified.

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