Methodological Foundations of the Problem of Parts of Speech in Linguistics

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Dilfuza Sayidmahamadzhanovna Saiidyrakhimova et al.


Morphology is directly different from other levels of the language. This is due to the fact that word groups and their specific grammatical categories are the most important issues in the formation of speech. Therefore, the morphological units of the language have been of interest to linguists from the very beginning of linguistics, and even now the study of issues related to the problems of morphology, as well as extensive scientific analysis in the morphological aspect, continues on the basis of new paradigms of the language.

Given this, this article is devoted to the study of parts of speech in linguistics, which is one of the most pressing problems of modern general linguistics. It examines the extralinguistic and intralinguistic foundations of the formation of adverbs in the languages ​​we study. When studying and analyzing these issues, we used methods of comparison, description, as well as thematic analysis.

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