Sociological Approach to Modeling the Quality of Higher Education

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Alikarieva Alokxon, Turatosheva Sadoqat


The article analyzes the specificity of sociological modeling of higher education. The article deals with the conceptualization of the sociological model of quality higher education in the context of different methodological approaches. In particular, it points to the relevance of addressing the sociocultural dimension of quality. The article examines the procedural characteristic (the effectiveness of the educational process) as the degree of the ratio of the goal - means - the result of the organization of the educational process, which is evaluated in terms of the activity of the collective subject of the educational process. The sociological model of quality is considered from the standpoint of such indicators as literacy, education or competence obtained on the basis of key competencies. They also consider their method of integration, based on the selection of conditional types of culture in the process of professional formation of the personality, each of which, having its own specifics, presupposes a hierarchically organized interaction.

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