Artificial Intelligence on Future Aspects (How AI Will Impact in 2030)

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Dr. Indradeep Verma et al.


As Artificial Intelligence(AI) is emerging in this century,it can be seen as it is going to take most of the humans’ tasks soon.Artificial Intelligence is widely used in all the fields whether it is medical field,research field,automatic vehicle system,Business models of market,weather forecasting and much more.If the future prospects of AI to be highlighted, then the main focus are on how AI will impact on lifestyle of people and how will our society and industries going to change.In this research paper,the AI growth and its applications will be highlighted in three phases.In the first phase the past events of AI and its growth is discussed,the second phase covers the present event and applications of AI and in the last phase,the future(after 10 years) aspects and its applications will be highlighted.As the world is growing in the fast pace and the information technology field is shaping every context of market and research.

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