Covid-19 – Lockdown Efficacy in Different Countries

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Shaik Sarwar Allam, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019 is seriously affecting the day-to-day life of all the people on the planet. To add to the woes more virulent mutated strain has been discovered and more study is being carried out. 


Treating COVID-19 is a challenge in itself as the containment is tough due to high spreading capacity and its deadly nature. The initial phase of the disease has taken aback almost all the countries due to its high virulent nature. Therefore, blanket measures like lockdown and physical distancing were adopted by different countries after the COVID-19 was declared as pandemic by WHO. Various studies on its efficacy has been done and more needs to be done in order to obtain holistic approach.


Lockdown as a preventive measure during COVID-19 pandemic was proved to be effective in containing the viral spread. But only lockdown was not the only factor and other NPI’s was supplementing the containment measures. More study across the nation’s border is needed so that greater clarity can emerge from the datasheet.

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