A Review of Life Lessons Learnt Amidst Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

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Sheetal Motwani


BACKGROUND: It is said that when things take a turn for the worse they try to teach us a lesson. What can be a better example than the ongoing series of events about SARS COV-2, the Novel Corona virus.History is observing a new lesson for Human lifetime, a very strange pandemic andits fight with a microscopic enemy.

SUMMARY: The Coronavirus outbreak was first reported on 17 Nov 2019 in the city of Wuhan in china and was declared a pandemic by the WORLD HEATH ORGANIZATION on February 11, 2020. The response from countries have been different at different levels. The virus threw us into an introspective loop, coerced us to look at the things that really matter in life, a jolt that actual life isn’t all about 9-5 work and constant hustle where you are lost into the rat race. It has taught us to be prepared for the challenges in life. Like the saying goes “a lesson learned the hard way is the lesson learned for a lifetime”. 

CONCLUSION:The COVID-19 pandemic has brought devastating health and social consequences. But it has delivered a chance to learn valuable moral lessons that could benefit all of humanity.

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