Novel Corona Virus and Its Mechanism

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Shubham Singh Yadav, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



COVID-19 is creating ruckus in almost entire part of the globe and needs to be tackled at mission mode.


COVID-19 has been proven lethal and deadly and in order to tackle the spread, study is needed to understand the virus behavior. Pathophysiology of the virus is extremely crucial as the uncertain nature of the coronavirus is creating hurdles in mitigating measures. Supposedly long-term implication which are bound to happen in several infection cases needs proper attention


Prevention is always better than cure and it is true especially in case of COVID-19 pandemic as there are long term implications are attached. Necessary infrastructure needs to be made available so that these increasing numbers demand should be catered. Non-coercive measures prove best results and social vaccine of mitigation measures is already available to ensure the prohibition of the viral spread. More study is need so that long term implications of COVID-19 is established with the necessary empirical data.

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