Empathy and Criminal Behaviour of Aggressors at Detention Centre of Kendari, Indonesia

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Faizah Binti Awad et al.


This study aims to examine the empathy in aggressors at the detention centre class two of Kendari. This quantitative study obtained data using a questionnaire referring to the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) scale. The close-ended questionnaire is used to measure the aggressors’ empathy and aggressive behaviour against the committed crimes. The obtained data were analysed in two ways, descriptive and inferential analysis. The data were tested using Anova for a simple linear regression test to examine whether empathy in aggressors affects their aggressive behaviour, followed by a t-test to investigate whether the empathy level is developed when committing certain crimes. The result of the study indicates that the empathy and behaviour of the aggressors have a significant correlation. In this line, most of the aggressors at the detention centre class II of Kendari have strong empathy when they are committing a crime. Besides, the aggressors tend to respond against empathy negatively.

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