Indonesia Counselee’ Perception of Counseling Variables in Relation to Counseling Outcomes

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Muwakhidah Muwakhidah, Nur Hidayah, Triyono Triyono, Carolina Ligya Radjah


The purpose of study was to examine counselees perception of the influence of the chosen counseling variable on results of counseling: the attractiveness of counseling, skills, and ethical practices. Collect data used the Counselor Rating Form Short Version and Integrated Counseling Behavior Change Scale. Data analyzed using descriptive and inferential analysis. Mean score, standard deviation and percentage calculated to examine counseling outcomes, t-test, ANOVA, and correlation were calculated to test hypothesis. Counselors attractiveness, skills, and ethical practice were all found to correlate positively with the counseling outcomes. The Implications of research for counseling practices and future research are also discussed.

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