Growth and Potintial of Wireless Internet User in Rural India

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Dr. Jasbir Singh


Mobile phone is the best friend of the present generation. Mostly people use the smart phone. Smart phone cannot function without internet. So, internet is the primary requirement for the smart phone user. This paper shows the trend of the growth of mobile phone internet user in India, urban area and rural area but it focuses on the growth rate of mobile internet in rural India. This research also found rural area had low growth rate of mobile internet user in compared to India and urban area. Correlation, CAGR and mean analysis is done to find the effects of certain parameters which effects the mobile internet growth in rural India. Paper analysis also finds the correlation with total internet access and rural internet access. Mobile internet growth rate is closely linked with subscription rate through internet mode. More than 60 percent of India’s population is living in rural areas. India is called youngest country because more than 40 percent of total population comes in the category of young population. According to some study’s in 2019 out of total internet user 38% internet user are kids which comes in the age group of 15 years and blow. So, youth is a big market for smart phone and use of internet.

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