Leadership Behavior and Employees Job Satisfaction: Working for Organizational Success

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Shoukat Ali Mahar et al.


Purpose: This study was designed to understand the relationship between leadership behaviors and employees job satisfaction at microfinance banks. It also shows how and to what extent these leadership styles affect job satisfaction.

Design: The questionnaire was used to collect data from 290 employees of the Microfinance Bank. The convenient sampling was used to gather data. The literature indicates that there is a correlation among all proposed variables. Researcher applied regression and Pearson correlation to get the results.

Findings: The results show that participative behavior and supportive leadership behaviors have significant and positive effect on employees’ job satisfaction in Micro Finance Institutions of Khairpur. 

Value: no doubt this study found that participative behavior has significant relationship with employees’ job satisfaction and in increase the work productivity, it develops the sense of equivalence in work, it also encourages the essence of employees’ role in decision making, in this regard employees like to help organisation in organizational success

Practical implications: Results of this Research mean that participatory leaders can participate in role modeling by providing employees with interesting workplace activities to increase job satisfaction.

Recommendation: The population used for the survey was limited to 14 branches of MFBs in the Khairpur area.. Therefore, this study can be extended to a variety of other commercial and noncommercial organizations. This helps researchers to fully understand leadership style and its impact on job satisfaction.

Limitation: This study is limited to certain MFBs of Khairpur district.

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