Parenting and Bullying Style in Basic Education Students

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Flor De María Sánchez Aguirre, Patricia Milagros Girón Chunga, Isabel Menacho Vargas, Yrene Cecilia Uribe Hernández, Luzmila Lourdes Garro Aburto, Alicia Agromelis Aliaga Pacora


The existence of a consumerist society generates conflicts in the formation of the person; there is an urgent need to evaluate the culture of upbringing of families, the reason for the study is to determine the relationship between authoritarian, democratic, overprotective, indulgent upbringing styles and bullying in students of formative education. In this basic study, of correlational design, whose sample was 118 young people, the graduation of family upbringing practice, a form about bullying, was used. The results refer that there is a low positive link between overprotective behavior and bullying, but significant (rho = .008; p < 0.05); the authoritarian, democratic, indulgent styles do not present a relation with bullying.

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