Student Perceptions of Bullying

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Renatha Ernawati et al.


Students have faced or done unusual things one of which is the act of bullying. As individuals who are in the early adult group, students should already have a correct and precise understanding of bullying. However, there are still many bullying incidents that occur among students. This research is quantitative research with descriptive approach. The respondents were new students in the academic year 2020/2021 at one of the universities in Jakarta which has 513 students. The collection method uses Likert scale model which is distributed through google form. Data analysis was carried out using percentiles to describe the categories of perceptions that new students have of bullying. Based on hypothetical data (89,3%) and empirical (50,49%) indicates that the majority of new students have a neutral perceptions of bullying. That means the majority of new students give inconsistent assessments of aggressive behaviors repeated by individuals or groups against weak individuals. The next conclusion based on hypothetical data (0%) and empirical (28,65%) shows that there are still new students who have a bad perception of bullying or it can be interpreted that there are still students who are wrong in making judgment against bullying.

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