The Artistic Function of the Remarque Genre in Karakalpak Comedy

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R. Z. Маtmuratova


In the given article the problems of artistic and aesthetic functions of the main compositional unit of the comedy genre are investigated. The theoretical side of the problem is analyzed on the example of comedies of Karakalpak playwrights. For the first time in Karakalpak literary criticism, a conclusion has been made about the problem of artistic classification of a remark. The article explores such artistic functions of the remarks as the actions of the hero and the formation of the external compositional structure of the work. The comedies of D.Aytmuratov and M. Nizanov were analyzed on determining the theoretical result of the remark. The problem of internal and external remarks was first implemented into the science of Karakalpak literature. The studied problem is based; theoretical solutions and proposals are given.

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