The History of Formation of Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Constructive Analysis of the English Sentence’s Structure

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Nurova Gulchehra Tishabayevna


The article examines the process of forming the theoretical and methodological foundations of the constructive analysis of the English sentence’s structure in the historical retrospective. The article’s author analyzes the scientific works of the Uzbek, Russian and Western scientists devoted to this problem and identifies various aspects of their study of the syntax of the English sentence. The article substantiates the thesis that a large number of scientific works are devoted to the mandatory and optional in syntax, the concepts of an elementary syntactic unit and an elementary syntactic structure, which forms the basis of constructive analysis of an English sentence. The author of the article concludes that further researches should be devoted to the comprehensive analysis of the expansion processes of the main and secondary members of a sentence in modern English. It is also necessary to identify the features of complication of the predicate and other members of the sentence, as well as developing recommendations for overcoming the difficulties of translating sentences in modern English and a description of techniques for applying different translation strategies.

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