Modeling the Professional Training of Future Teachers

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Nurullaeva Shakhlo Uktamovna et al.


The pace of modern scientific and technological progress is such that all new types of activity are constantly introduce the everyday and industrial spheres of human life, for mastering which special training is needed. This is reflected in the discovery of new specialties in universities. Meanwhile, in order to receive special education at any level, it is first necessary to obtain a certain range of knowledge and skills of a general nature. The implementation of this function is carried out by a general education school, the main goal of which is through mastering the system of knowledge, skills and abilities laid down in the State Standard of General Secondary Education, to form and develop the personality of the student. Let us emphasize the fact that the means of personal development is the content of education. However, the modern secondary school follows the path of expanding curricula, when the names and programs of new disciplines appear, the amount of information in the old subjects increases, and the time allotted for their study, at best, remains the same, and at worst, decreases.

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