Some Specific Aspects And Forms Of Islamic Civil Law.

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Rakhmanov Abdumukhtor Rejjabbaevich


The article deals with the issues connected withthe oath,debtand guaranteein Islamic law. The oath can be admitted only by adult and sane person. The Islamic law rules on oaths, debts and suretyship are unique.It is forbidden to swear by anything other than the name of Allah. If he swears in the name of Allah, he should have to keep his oath. If he forswears, he atones for his sin – kaffarat. According to Islamic studies, no matter what hardships a person faces, Muslims should extend a helping hand to him. When a person is in a difficult financial situation, when he feels the need for money to meet his basic needs for food, shelter, treatment, etc., he should rush to help him with debt and help him as much as possible without usury, fraud and deception.

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