Sufyan bin Ayniah (107-198 AH) Narrations about (Islamic immaculate leaders) imams Al-Athar (P. B.U.T)

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Assist. Lec. Nawras Ali Latif


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds who says ((We have not sent you but mercy to the worlds)) and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, the Master of Messengers, and on his good and pure household. Then………

Muslims were interested in historical narratives - as they recorded for us an important aspect of the events and facts that occurred throughout the historical ages, as scientists have emerged who have been interested in this field, as they conveyed to us many historical narratives, one of them was Sufyan ibn Ayniah (107-198 AH / 725-813AD), Where we dealt with his narratives in the life of the pure imams (peace be upon them), which are many. This simple research cannot accommodate the number of its pages. Therefore, we decided to confine it to study some of them, shedding light on them through the political, social and military situation that the Islamic Arab state lived during their era (peace be upon them).


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