The Process of Establishing Islamic Education at Wali Barokah Islamic Boarding School in Kediri, Indonesia

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Anis Humaidi et al.


The process of forming an Islamic boarding school usually has a relationship with social politics. In the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0, there was less and less knowledge about the importance of studying the historical contribution of Islam in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to analyze the background of the founding of Islamic teachings, movements and social politics in one of the Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. This study uses the Historical Narrative Study approach. The results found that the Wali Barokah Islamic Boarding School stood behind the founder who tended to be a writer of scriptures and puritans. In addition, the teachings hold fast and, practice the Koran and Hadith, manqul in the transmission of knowledge. The curriculum is summarized in the Al-Manhaj al-Tarbiyah guidelines. On the other hand, the socio-political movement is as follows: Using a more gentle and open method of preaching, as an agent of da'i-da'iyah, in collaboration with outside institutions and with economic activities.

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