Thai Citizens and their roles in National Security of Thailand

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Srirath Gohwong


The objective in this study was to investigate the state of art of Thai citizens and their roles in national security of Thailand. Documentary research was employed in this study. The findings revealed that Thai citizens played a big role as both supporters and objectors for national security of Thailand due to both external and internal changes. As supporters of Thai government’s jurisdiction, good citizens must comply with IT-related laws that allowed Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and related authorized agencies that enhanced the level of controlling on data via surface web sites. As objectors, they committed civil disobedience-oriented activities beyond Thai government’s jurisdiction via the application of privacy-based non-governmental cryptocurrency (such as Monero) and web browsers for underground web sites (such as TOR and I2P) for hiding all data of their identities and money transfer. In addition, Thai citizens were also protected by net states as citizen-user in a form of business civil disobedience.

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