The Correlation Between Spiritual Practices And Foreign Language Achievements Among Students

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Afandi Yusoff, Nik Mohd Rahimi Nik Yusoff Harun Baharudin


Students are often faced with physical and psychological challenges when learning foreign languages. Besides having to need a delineated physical willingness, they also require spiritual support that can improve the accomplishments in that languages. This study aims to identify the levels of spiritual practices and the correlation in students’ achievements in Arabic as a foreign language. This quantitative survey used questionnaires on spiritual practices and end-of-year results of Arabic language. 399 students of Religious Secondary Schools in Malaysia were chosen as respondents. Research findings showed that the level of spiritual practices were high, yet the achievements was moderate. There was a significant correlation between spiritual practices and achievements in Arabic language. The findings indicated that spiritual practices were to help one’s performance in learning foreign languages. Therefore, the research implication is that the absorbance of spiritual practices in curriculum and teachings must be done in order to obtain good Arabic language achievements.

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