Examining the Moderation Effects of Customer Satisfaction and Repur-chase Behavior Relationship in Online Fashion Clothing Retailing

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Benjawan Leecharoen


The objective of the work is to answer the questions that “How do the moderating variables; information sharing and variety-seeking behavior, impact the relationship between customer satisfaction and repurchase behavior?” Fashion-clothing online shops in Bangkok, Thailand, were chosen as the context for a survey of 300 customers. Structural equation modeling was used for data analysis. A result of this work found the relationship of customer satisfaction and repurchase behavior was positive and significant. Regarding moderating effects, the customer satisfaction-repurchase behavior relationship is moderated by information sharing and variety seeking behavior. In other words, satisfied customers will have a higher chance of repurchase among customers with high information sharing from the shops and customers with low-seeking behavior. Future research should study this relationship in other industries to present different repurchase reasons and patterns

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