Tourists’ Demands towards Tourism Management after Covid-19

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Nantharat Namburi, Sukrita Pumkaew, Waearsesah Dahayee, Manus Suttikan, Sirichai Namburi, Nattharawee Phongkraphan


This research was carried out by using quantitative research method. The purpose was to study and compare the tourists’ demands towards tourism management after Covid-19. The sample group included 400 tourists. The instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire. The statistics for data analysis consisted of Frequency, Percentage, Mean, and Standard Deviation. The comparison was done by using Independent sample t-test and One Way ANOVA through Wisepair Comparison of Scheffe (Post Hoc). The research result revealed as follows: as overall image, the tourists’ demands of accommodation, tourist attraction, transport, food and restaurant, and environment were at a high level in all aspects. Furthermore, there was the difference among the tourists with different age, occupation, income, and tourists’ behaviors through their objectives towards the demands of tourism management after Covid-19. However, there was no difference towards the demands of tourism management after Covid-19 among the tourists with different gender, educational level, as well as tourists’ behaviors through tourism transport characteristics, vehicles, accommodation selection, and time period of stay. For each aspect, the tourists’ demands after Covid-19 or new normal tourists towards tourism management included safety and sanitation to prevent the infection of such epidemic.

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