Consumption Patterns During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Yosini Deliana, Lucyana Trimo, Azhar El Hami


The large number of unemployed during the Covid-19 period in society led to changes in consumption patterns.  The study conducted form from June to mid – August 2020.  The required data are primary and secondary data from literature. Sampling with simple random sampling of 184 respondent. The research show that consumption patterns before and during Covid-19, among others, experienced the highest increase in consumption of canned food, while the product experiencing the largest decline was fashion. The priority for purchasing products during the Covid-19 pandemic was health products compared to hygiene products. Changes in transaction patterns from cash to non-cash, in the form of debit, go pay (e-money) or transfer. Likewise, there has been a change in the place of purchase from traditional markets or supermarkets to online purchases. The reason why respondents made changes in purchasing methods and shopping places was because they were worried about contracting the virus, it would cost a lot of money if infected, family health, fear of death, and practicality in shopping. The factors that differentiate consumption patterns between generations, such as the baby boomer generation and the millennial generation  is income. 

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