Conceptualising Hypotheses for the Effects of Organisational Structure on Faculty Job Performance, Job Satisfaction and Counterproductive Work Behavior through a Comprehensive Literature Review

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: Dr.Isaac Raj Songa, Mr.Prajwal Salins, Dr.Kamath Madhusudana ,Mr.Rajib Mandal ,Mr.Biju Soman Ms.Aswathi Raj,


Organisational behaviour theorists have always tried to understand the best way to build work places to positively influence employee behaviour.Though both personal and environmental factors influence human behaviour,the environmental factors are seen as more amenable to influence.1Apart from studying tangible stressors such as a lack of proper tools or equipment,meso level analyses on group level variables has also been done.2Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) allows researchers to study the impact of group variables on individuals.3 The current study endeavors to understand the effect of the structure of an academic department on the faculty’s job satisfaction,job performance and the prevalence of Counter productive work behavior(CWB).

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