The Developmental Level Of The Moral Personality Of University Professors

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Asst.Prof. Dr. Abdelbari Al Hamadani


Research Problem

The issue of defining the concept of moral personality raised a problem faced by researchers in the fields of developmental and educational psychology for reasons related to methodological problems dating back to the history of the study of moral development itself. In the sense of a unique human existence (толин В. В., 1983: 284) and others linking it to the same position (Бодалев А. А, 1995). The researcher noticed this methodological problem, so he undertook a comprehensive survey of the historical development to study the moral personality, as this problem formed the strongest motivation to address the concept of the developmental level of the moral personality.

The concept of moral personality is neglected (to the best of the researcher's knowledge and knowledge), the Iraqi library lacks that concept, as concepts such as the level of moral judgment (Kohlberg1958) and moral decision-making (Tenbrunsel & Smith 2008) and the components of ethical behavior, moral sensitivity, rational ethics, moral integrity, moral courage (Rest (1980: 86), it has been covered a lot, but it is part of a larger component that contemporary empirical studies have called the concept of "moral personality" (Вавилова, И.Н, 2009: 242).

All professions and businesses require procedural ethics related to the ethics of the profession, and these may be learned or adhered to because they relate to laws and regulations and their violation entails administrative or penal sanctions. However, some professions require that their owners have an ethical personality. Its owners are not characterized by the characteristics of moral character that threatens the value structure of society, and this causes the loss of generations, the rule of non-normality, and the spread of selfish and authoritarian behavior.

Therefore, the aim of the current research is to determine the answer to (Is the moral character of the university professor available? And at what developmental level is it located?).

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