Investigating The Caste-Stereotypes In Punjabi Language And Women’s Perceptions

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Dr Mehmood ul Hassan, Humna Shoaib


This research investigates the Punjabi women’s attitude towards caste stereotypes in Punjabi language. In Punjabi society, Punjabi women speak Punjabi with different dialects and all dialects have caste stereotypes which have been existent in Punjabi language owing to inter-caste prejudice, bias, socio economic status, social experience and collective wisdom. The researcher interviewed 18 women (age 50-70 years) for gaining insight into local caste stereotypes in Punjabi women. A questionnaire was also constructed, keeping in view the stereotypes collected from interviews and relevant literature on caste stereotypes and it was administered to a sample 48 women of the same age group. The study concludes that Punjabi women’s belief in the truth of caste stereotypes in Punjabi language and their negative influence on social relations and inter- communication of the selected castes is strong. Punjabi women’s belief that caste stereotypes in Punjabi language represent the typical characteristics of the higher and the lower professional castes in Punjabi society is strong.

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