Quality Education Management at Private Universities: A Case Study of the Faculty Education Staff in Jordan

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By Dr. Fayez A. S. Otoum


Globalization in the modern day’s technology requires every society of the world to stand up to the challenge of tensed competition. Quality human resource management is an effective way to conquer such challenge; and education is a key driver in the creation of human resources. In 1990, the government of Jordan began granting of official license to private universities. This was in partial response to the demand of higher education. The aim of this study is to determine the factors associated with quality education management at private universities in Jordan and the view of Jordanian faculty education staff on research facilities and cost of education. A simple random sampling was used for this study. 200 self-administered questionnaires were given out, of which 192 were duly completed, while 8 were not. The result revealed a modest quality in research facility (51.0%), campus facility (42.2%), faculty credentials (37.5%), academic calendar (50.0%) and classroom facilities (59.4%). It also revealed a high cost of education (51.0%) amongst private universities in Jordan. In conclusion, private education in Jordan has led to competition towards outstanding quality among schools in quality education, strict adherence to academic calendar, environment conducive to learning and presence of research facilities. Private universities in

Jordan have not truly achieved the desired level of quality. Cost of education in private university is generally high and necessary provision need to be made available to carter for students in need of financial aid.

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