Consequences of the South Tyrol Issue and its Effect on the Italian-German Relations 1933-1938

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South Tyrol is considered one of the most important strategic regions in Europe due to its important geographical location links between the countries of central Europe . But it was and still represents a major problem in the settlements that were implemented after the end of the two world wars. Where the Italians had considered it as a part of their natural borders. On the other hand the Germans and Austrians had stuck it out , as the German community represents the largest proportion in it

On this basis , the Italians worked hard to include it through its support for German right-wing organizations which dissatisfied with Germany's situation in the twenties decade and that rejected results of World War I . Which includes establishment of the Weimar Republic. Where the Italian had founded the best chance to fulfill its aims by agreement with those organizations to present back to them against to make South Tyrol as a pure Italian region .  And the Nazi party had to abide by the promises made by the Italian side . Throughout the thirties decade of the last century, both sides sought to solve this problem in a way that secure for strengthening the forces of friendship and alliance that was culminated in hold the solid pact in 1939.

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