Impact of scientific development in proving the crescent vision: Comparative jurisprudence study

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Assistant Professor Hatem Hathal Abdel Hamid


Adopting the astronomical calculation in establishing the sighting of the crescent is an ancient and modern issue that the jurists dealt with, and they provided evidence for relying on the sighting of the crescent as the only way to prove the crescent, and the current research tries to collect evidence from some ancient and modern jurists who went to rely on astronomical calculation. The legal basis for this opinion was explained, then the evidence of the two parties, to reach at the end the weighting of the direction that necessitates relying on the astronomical calculation, and concludes that the two directions are not two opposite sayings, but rather they are like one saying. Besides, every saying has its time based on scientific data available at all times, and the legal texts do not deny reliance on astronomical calculations.

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