Blended Learning Framework – Instructor’s perspective and Student’s perspective in Higher Education Institutes

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Dr.Satvinder Kaur, Ms.Ushveen Kaur


In today's learning scenario technology plays a very important role. We have to understand how this technology can be used for the online teaching along with understanding its challenges. Students studying in higher education institutions these days want flexible learning environment to achieve their learning objectives. Online learning environment allows students to have more time and opportunities to learn and practice their knowledge for achieving success. Higher education institutions considering online mode of teaching face the challenge of creating a framework that when used strategically adopted would improve the quality of education in their institute. And in this fast changing times, institutions cannot just continue teaching with only offline teaching pedagogy or only online teaching. And thus the need for blended model of learning. Blended learning is going to inculcate thinking ability in the students it is going to improve the capability of the students to solve the problems we have to adjust in the new environment and the all the mental barriers needs to be removed. We must understand that the key role players in an education system are - teachers, students and the institution that facilitates the teaching process. The purpose of this study is to provide a state of the art blended learning framework for higher education institutes that looks at blended form of learning with respect from these three key players. This study will define the preparation required before implementing the blended learning framework. And the things to be followed while conducting online and offline classes.

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