Formulation of Theoretical Framework of Teaching Quality Factors Model for Professional Development for UAE Higher Education Institutions

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Hebah Ahmed Ali Elatawneh, Safiah Binti Sidek


Literature review highlighted unique problems linked to the changes in the standard of teaching with professional development of HEI academics. With these challenges, the HEIs to capitalise on structural changes in a modern society by improving the educational facilities. By adoption quality tools like TQM has improved educational institution in the developed country. In the context of UAE education policy, the higher education institutions were requested to improve the quality of teaching and learning by adopting quality management tool. Hence this paper presents the proposed theoretical framework of teaching quality factors model for professional development for UAE higher education institutions. The framework incorporates reflective practice for academics’ professional development programme with quality tools.  There are seven elements contributed to the quality academic professional development programme which are design teaching plan; communication skills; expertise skill in the lesson content; individual and occupational; policy and strategy; technological factors; and teaching skills. Hopefully the suggested model is benefit to the stakeholder of the higher education institution.

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