Social Media as Technological device in Teaching Reading comprehension: Benefits to Teachers of English

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Okueso, Stella Adebimpe, Odeneye, Adesola Rasidat


The learning of English language by students has been bedeviled with the adopting of traditional methods of teaching which has been deficient in its ability to meet the learners need in all areas of English contents. The use of Social media is a contemporary method of teaching which is innovative and can be adopted for the learning of reading composition which can lead to the formation of reading group online. The benefits of the use of social media are many such as: independent learning, allowing many participants at a time and effective corrections as at when due among others while there are challenges on the use of the strategy such as loss of privacy and distortion of messages. It is therefore recommended that teachers using social media in teaching must be vast in the knowledge and be able to arrange the teaching contents in the appropriate sequence

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