The Effect of Attributional Style on Career Exploration of Vocational School Students: The Mediating Role of Career Decision Self-Efficacy

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Nur Aisyah Rumalutur, Rose Mini Agoes Salim


The purpose of this research is to examine the career exploration of vocational school students that is affected by attributional style through the mediating role of career decision self-efficacy. A total of 862 vocational school students were involved during the time span of this research. The results supported the mediation model that career decision self-efficacy mediate the effects of attributional style on career exploration of vocational school students. Respondents who applied optimistic attributional style have high career decision self-efficacy that affect their engagement in career exploration. The results also showed that attributional style can directly have an effect on career exploration of vocational school students. The results have theoretical and practical implications for further research, counseling and intervention programme.

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