Exploration of Intentions to Produce Research by Teaching Faculty Members: Purposes and Hindrances

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Imran Ghaffar Sulehri, Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Chaudhry, Dr. Farah Naz Naqvi, Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Syeda Samrana Raza


During the last few years Pakistani higher educational institutions (HEIs) are putting stress on production of research and for this purpose higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) facilitating and acknowledging the academic institution which are producing research. This study discovers the research productivity of the teaching faculty members of the top ranked universities of Lahore, Pakistan. Quantitative method of research was deployed to explore research productivity, purposes of doing research and hurdles being faced during research production. Research articles and conference papers were explored as the most significant publication types while Lack of interest in research work and financial constraint were exposed as major hurdles.

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